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US TV: Switched at Birth to end

Switched at Birth was a ground breaking show about Bay and Daphne, two girls who (you guessed it) were switched at birth. The show’s use of sign language brought a whole new community to the forefront of teen dramas but sadly after 5 seasons and over a hundred episodes, Switched at Birth will be coming to an end.

(I wrote about Switched at Birth a few years ago in my ones to watch series, you can see that post here)

The show’s creator Lizzy Weiss tweeted the news on Saturday (March 12th) but announced that the show will get a real ending, with all the story lines ending after the 10 episodes of season five that the show are currently filming. However Freeform (previously ABC Family) have confirmed that the last episode will be a 90 minute special.


Stars of the show have been using Twitter to show how they feel about the show coming to an end.

Freeform haven’t yet announced why they have decided it’s time to end Switched at Birth, it’s a ground breaking show which won a Peabody award in 2012 but falling ratings could be to blame. When the show started in June 2011 it opened to almost 3.5 million views, while the season 4 finale brought in around 840,000 views.

A release date for season 5 is yet to be announced.


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