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One to watch: People v OJ Simpson (American Crime Story)

So for the last 10 weeks I have been eagerly tuning into BBC every Monday night to watch People v OJ Simpson and honestly I was really impressed and found myself hooked.

When I heard about the series I wasn’t sure what to think, I love Ryan Murphy and his work on both Glee and American Horror Story has been amazing so I was excited straight away. Then as the cast list started to spill out into the press I was certain this series was going to be one to watch.

The show is (obviously) about the vicious murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman which took place in LA in June 1994. OJ, a football superstar and Nicole’s on again off again partner was the prime suspect in the case and the show follows everything that happened from immediately after the murders happened to the end of the court case a year later.

My only concern was that the story would focus on the Kardashian element too much and the story would get lost. Surely enough the Kardashians were featured in the first few episodes and I really thought my concerns had been right, however after that other episodes gave us glimpses into the lives of some of the other lawyers on the show (Marcia Clark & Johnny Cochran especially) and I actually enjoyed these elements a lot. They gave a really good insight into how the case effected everyone involved, not just OJ.

A lot of critics said that the show would fall short of expectations, purely because the case was already so heavily covered in the press in the 1990’s and because everyone knew the outcome, after all it was the case of the century. But as someone who was too young to remember all of this happening the first time round (I was less than a year old when the murders took place) I have only heard some of the details of the case, such as the getaway in the Bronco and OJ trying the gloves on in court and everything I heard about those moments had been pop cultures references so I was really interested to learn more about the case.

The line up for the show was great. Ryan Murphy and the team secured David Schwimmer, John Travolta, Cuba Gooding Jr & Sarah Paulson (from American Horror Story) as main characters. But I also have to mention Sterling K. Brown who played Christopher Darden alongside Sarah Paulson’s Marcia Clark. Sterling completely kept up Paulson’s amazing performance.

Overall, I really enjoyed this show and I hope that Ryan Murphy and the rest of the team go on to make another series of American Crime Story, with another memorable case.

Whether you think he did it or not, that’s for you to decide but this series is definitely one to watch.


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