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US TV: Nashville cancelled but can it be saved?

One of my all time favourite shows, Nashville, has been cancelled by ABC. The network announced that they would not be renewing the country music drama on Thursday (12th) and it seems to have shocked a lot of people.

It is true that the ratings were falling for the show and a lot of fans haven’t been as happy with this season as they were with the previous ones but it seems like ABC jumped ship quite suddenly here. After all, almost every show has a weak series but learn from it and go on to make more episodes.

Fans seem to be shocked, with #RenewNashvilleS5 trending on Twitter throughout Thursday afternoon and evening and surely the cast are feeling the shock as well. A lot of the cast are currently on Nashville’s international tour which sold out almost everywhere, everyone who thought this was a good sign (including me) were clearly wrong.

There is always a chance that the show could be picked up by another network, Lionsgate who produce the show have a great relationship with Hulu, so maybe there’s hope there.

EW also reported today (Friday 13th) that Lionsgate television group chairman Kevin Beggs wrote an email to staff stating that they’re looking for buyers for the show.

However if no other studios take over, then the fans will be left with an unfinished story line as the season 4 finale was already filmed and is due to air May 25th.

The stars of the show have taken to Twitter to react to the news.






Even the mayor of Nashville (the show is filmed on location) has said she is disappointed in the decision to cancel the show!

Fingers crossed this gets picked up! The shows originality, great music and amazing actors will be sorely missed if Nashville doesn’t get revived.


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