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Review: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream



In my last blog post, which you can read here (hint hint), I reviewed Charlotte Tilbury’s magic foundation but in the bundle with the foundation and the brush, I also got a 5ml tester of the magic face cream.

The magic cream claims to give plumped, glowing skin and a youthfully dewy complexion ‘in a flash’. It’s full of skin boosting ingredients like BioNymph Peptide Complex which has anti-ageing properties and boosts collagen as well as skincare essentials like rosehip oil and vitamin E. The cream also has SPF 15 and an anti UVA filter to protect your skin from the sun.

When I first read about all the ingredients in this cream and all these ‘miracle’ claims it was making I was sure it was just being over-hyped to justify the hefty price tag (more on this later) and although the reviews on the website sang it’s praises I was still a bit hesitant.


But, after about a week of using the cream I was sold. I was using this right over Christmas, and the stress of the season had wreaked havoc with my skin. But after just a week I could see the dull tones of my skin lifting and the dryness I have been suffering with for years had lifted. I also found that it’s a great base for my make up – I don’t use a primer unless I’m wearing heavier make up or if I know I’m going to have a long day and I want my make up to last all day – but I’ve noticed that my make up looks a lot more flawless and stays on much longer when I use the face cream.

I also want to mention the reviews online, when I read reviews from people of all different ages and skin types claiming that this was ‘the only’ cream for them, I was dubious but now I’ve used it I can really see how it would work for dry, oily or normal skin.

Here comes the ‘ouch’ moment – the price. The full size of the Magic cream comes in at £70 for 50ml tub! But honestly I really do think it’s worth it. The thought of running out of my tiny sample size and having to find an alternative that will keep my skin looking as vibrant and clear as it does now fills me with dread so I took the plunge and repurchased the cream this week! I should say that this cream is really thick and creamy and a little goes a long way, this 5ml tub has lasted me 6 weeks.

This cream is definitely an indulgence but it really is worth the price tag!


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